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Praise for A Revolution of Feeling: The Decade that Forged the Modern MindA Revolution of Feeling - Paperback Front Cover

Gerard de Groot, in the Times, 14 October 2017: A Revolution of Feeling is an extraordinary book,…packed with insight, analysis, understanding, revelations, and weird anecdotes. Hewitt is a talented juggler of ideas’

Frances Wilson, in the New Statesman, 15 October 2017: a ‘mighty project’, a ‘passionate…book, fuelled by vim and vigour, and one that will change the way we think about feeling.’

Kathryn Hughes’ review in the Guardian, 21 October 2017: ‘a daring, risky…exhilarating journey through the 1790s, a decade that tends to be pictured as…a knock-about farce[.] What Hewitt gives us instead are ordinary men and women,… trying to bring their inner and outer lives into some sort of alignment.’

Ed Vulliamy’s review in the Observer, 12 November 2017: a ‘singular book,…a historical primer for the hopes and rocky ride of our modern notion that “the personal is political” …. [I]nvaluably for our time, Hewitt’s book [exposes] “the idea that over time, societies inevitably progress steadily towards enlightenment and liberty” [as] vain fantasy.’

Alexandra Harris, ‘An outstanding work of historical scholarship, magnificent in its scope yet subtle and intimate enough to register the uncertain human pulses beneath the roar of revolution.’

Prospect, 14 November 2017: ‘a work of pacy historical narrative…the clarity and subtlety of Hewitt’s explication makes for an exemplary piece of popular history writing.’

Ella Whelan in Spiked, 4 May 2018: ‘a truly remarkable achievement: the ability to convey the intricate relationship between the broader historical movements of the era and the changes in the particular feelings of an individual’

Dominic Sandbrook, Sunday Times Books of the Year: History, 26 November 2017: an ‘impressively learned book’

Gerard de Groot, Times Best History Books of 2017, 25 November 2017: ‘Occasionally a book defies effective summary. A Revolution of Feeling is about so many things — love, hope, education, architecture, sex, medicine, violence, frogs, laughing gas and flatulence.’

Ruth Scurr, in the Spectator, 4 November 2017: an ‘intricate but always accessible book…clear-eyed and amusing’

Map of a Nation paperbackReviews of Map of a Nation: A Biography of the Ordnance Survey


Ian Thompson’s review in the Guardian, 17 October 2010: an ‘endlessly absorbing history’. 

John Henry’s review in Reviews in History, August 2011: ‘well researched and entertaining’. 

Tom Fort in the Telegraph, 17 October 2010: the book ‘offers a route into the national psyche’. 

Nick Groom in the Independent, 10 December 2010: ‘meticulous scholarship’.

Jan Morris in the Times, 16 October 2010: ‘Hewitt tackles the subject exuberantly … the book won me over. The sweep of its history has true grandeur, and the incidentals of the tale are like desirables found in a cluttered antique shop’

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